Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Face Cream Review + New Favorite

Happpppy October beauties!!! October is my favorite month because it finally starts cooling off where I live, there is Halloween to look forward to, not to mention it is fall, and my birthday month! To celebrate a new season I have a review on a new face cream I have been obsessed with! Recently I went to the drugstore planning on repurchasing  my usual Olay SPF 15 lotion, but the store had recently set up a huge Boots and Number 7 display. The lady working showed me a bunch of different choices and it was a tie between the Boots Matte Gel Face Lotion and the Number 7 day cream for normal/oily skin. My skin is pretty oily and the mattifiying cream did an amazing job, the difference was extremely noticeable, however I choose the daydream because it has SPF15 which is so, so, so important! Even in Fall! Anyways this applies so smoothly and I only need the tiniest bit to cover my whole face. It smells fresh and the packaging is so classic and cute! This product gets 5 stars from me!

PS- How cute is the bag they put it in? Like a little present LOL!

Thanks for reading loves!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Back to School: Whats in my makeup bag?

Hi loves! Today you get an inside peak in my back-to-school makeup bag. I use a decently tiny bag and literally fit about fifteen different necessities! So lets take a peek!
In order from left to right:
1. mints
2. mini hairbrush/mirror with ponytails wrapped around it
3. empty tic-tac container with bobby pins in it

4. pressed powder
5. deodorant
6. chapstick
7. hand sanitizer
8. mini nail file
9. Midol/Ibuprofen
10. bandaids
11.glasses cleaner
12. extra contact case
13. eye drops

These thirteen little things are all you need! They all fit in this little bag too! PS- be careful about the Midol/Ibuprofen if your school does not allow you to carry around medicine. However, at work, I would definitely bring this ;)

Happy September loves!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

How to Wear Black and White in Summer!

Hello my darling! Today I am going to be showing you some black and white pieces from my own closet, and how I made them summer appropriate! Everyone has some black and white in their closet, but you may not know how to wear them together without looking like a chess board, or how to summer-fy them! Well keep scrolling to see my pieces and how I styled them!
 I paired a black maxi skirt with my too-sassy-for-your Brandy Melville crop top and some gold gladiator inspired sandals from H&M.
This beautiful dress with the interesting back is from American Eagle. Bonus: got it on clearance for like $17!

Lastly, my black crop top is from Charlotte Russe and my polka dot high-waisted skirt is from H&M. Also, I accessorized with long necklaces and some bracelets/rings!

I hope this gave you all some inspiration! Leave me comment and pictures down below, along with any other questions you have!

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Review: Loreal

Hi loves! Guess what today is? Yes... time for another mascara review!! I recently bought the Loreal Paris Double Extend mascara after getting an eye infection from my Maybelline The Rocket. Read that review here:
This was a pretty good mascara so check out my pros and cons below.

Pros: This mascara is really good and lengthening and good at thickening. If you have sparse lashes I would not recommend this, however if you have shorts lashes I would totally recommend it. (It is only $SIX dollars).

Cons: I cannot really tell if it holds a curl, so if that is your main focus when buying mascara, I would recommend this, but if you want to try it, YOLO right?

Here is a pic of my eyes with the mascara on the left and not on the right, but I also have my typical eyeliner and eyeshadow on both.

Another thing I did not really love about this mascara, was the white side. It made my lashes look grey when I layered the black over it, so I never really used it. However, I would probably buy the black size by itself in full size. PS- the black thickens and white lengthens.

That's it loves! It was not a very exciting post, but stay tuned for Friday; I will be raving about THREE  drugstore hair products I am in loooove with!

PS. On Season Five of Gossip Girl thanks to Netflix! I don't want it to end! ;)

Monday, September 2, 2013

How To: Get the Softest, Summer Skin of your life!

Hi dollies! This whole summer I have been using three amazing body products from The Body Shop. Keep reading form my three step process to gorgeous, smooth skin!
 First, I use the Satsuma body polish in the shower with a loofah. This smells like oranges and is extremely refreshing! When I use this in the morning it is so energizing and happy smelling LOL!
 Second, I use the Body Butter! This one is Brazil Nut, but they have so many choices including strawberry, coconut, mango, lemon, papaya, aloe, sweet pea, etc. I love this body butter above any others, because it has different moisturizing levels. For instance, they sell body butters specific for normal skin, dry skin and very dry skin.  In summer I mix the dry skin wit my regular St. Ives lotion, and in winter I alternate the dry skin and very dry skin about every two days.
 Lastly, I lightly rub this Coconut Shimmer on my legs and sometimes on my arms. This can be really sparkly, so a tiny bit goes a long way, but it makes you look so photograph smooth!

I hope this little tutorial/review helped you out so you can achieve that beautiful summer skin!

Friday, August 30, 2013

The Magic Hair Care Trio

Hi dolls! Recently I have been using two sets or three hair care products everytime I do my hair. I feel like it is really hard to find drugstore hair products you are obsessed with AND work well together. But I did it! And I didn't just find three, I found SIX! So here is my first set of three and the reviews to go along with this MAGIC trio ;)
The first and my personal favorite is the Organix Repairing Awapuhi Ginger Recovery Mask. This is sooo amazing, it works so quick and you can totally feel and see the difference in your hair after ONE use! I put this all through my hair in the shower, comb it out, put it in a shower cap for about four minutes and then rinse it out! When you take off the shower cap, there is hardly anything to rinse out because the hair soaked up all the nutrients in the mask! Also, the next morning, or whenever you dry your hair, it looks totally soft and smooth! The only downside to this product is the smell. It is very specific and if you do not like ginger, I would not get this. However, Organix does sell a coconut which I have tried, and love, that I would recommend. (To be honest the only reason I chose this one and not the coconut one, is because the jar is sparkly and it is PINK!!) PS- this will not affect your hair color!
 Next, after I style my hair, I use the John Frieda Volume hairspray. It is really hard for me to find hairsprays like smell good, have the right spray hold, and pump up my roots. This one does all three, and for about four dollars why not? However, check out my post next Monday on three more hair products- I will be including another hair that may sound more appealing.
Lastly, after I style and spray my hair, I rub this Dove leave in conditioning cream through the bottom of my hair. This may your hair feel so soft, never crunchy, and look so shiny, but not oily! This is the second time I have purchased this, and my mom loves it too! Also, I use this after styling, but you can totally use it after you shower too! This is about five dollars as well, so again, why not?
Thanks for reading dollies and talk soon!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Maybelline the Rocket Mascara Review!

Volum' Express® The Rocket™ Washable Mascara

Hi loves! I recently bought the semi-new Rocket Mascara by Maybelline and I felt the need to review it, because this mascara and I seem to have a love-hate relationship... and some very mixed feelings! ;)
I originally bought this mascara after hearing it holds the curl in your lashes really well.  My lashes are really straight and I curl them every single time I go out, so I bought this mascara in hopes it would help! Now I got the one that is not waterproof, however this mascara does not come off! I use makeup removes twice, wash my face, use makeup remover again, and the next morning I still have black under my eyes! In the add it said this mascara has a latex finish or something, which may contribute to the difficulty I have in getting it all off. Also, have any of you seen the review on Pinterest going around about this mascara? It is pretty funny; I will link it below.
Another problem I have with this mascara is that some days I love it, my lashes look curled and amazing, but other days it clumps and sticks to the point where I appear to have one single eyelash... (that may be an exaggeration, but you get my point!)

- the brush is thick and soft, but still firm
- stays on ALLLL day (and night!)

- can be clumpy
- does not always hold a curl
- EXTREMELY hard to remove

On the Maybelline website it says this product removes easily with soap/water and the Maybelline Clean Express Classic Eye Makeup Remover. So perhaps, if you believe in second chances like me, it will come off with the Maybelline remover (I used Almay and Simple)...?
Let me know down below your thought on this mascara, and how you feel about it!

PS. photo from